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You were prompt in everything you did. You were very accommodating to our wishes. You and your team cleaned up after the work was done and could have not had a more professional attitude.

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"We chose your drywall service to address our drywall concerns for the simple reason that we were comfortable with you from the very first phone call.

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"The reason we called your drywall company is because we believe in supporting local business. The reason we will continue to use your drywall service is because you do excellent work.

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Have you heard of Forest Lawn Cemetery? Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe are buried here. There is a huge tourist industry around this cemetery and that is just fine with the citizens of Glendale. We are an affluent suburb in Los Angeles, and our citizens can seem quirky at times. Where else would someone like Freddy Krueger, aka Robert Englund, live? Other notable celebrities like Shia LeBeouf and Michael Richards live here as well. Nationally known businesses also come to Glendale to thrive, for example Nestle and Walt Disney Imagineering. We are even home to the original "31 Flavors", Baskin Robbins. Another business that you will soon know very well is Drywall Glendale.

Drywall Glendale

We serve Glendale in the areas of drywall, plaster, and wall covering services, and we primarily handle home remodeling, home repair, and home construction. There is no need to go outside of Glendale to find a drywall contractor that can deal with drywall and plaster because we are local. Call us for an estimate or advice, as it relates to your professional drywall needs. We will surprise you with what we have to offer.

If you don't have your own scaffolding, you have no business doing drywall work.

Drywall installation is difficult and sometimes dangerous, so you should always use a licensed drywall contractor. Leave the hard work to a residential drywall installation service like Drywall Glendale. We are the best there is in Glendale, in terms of drywall experience and quality drywall services. Our residential & commercial drywall draftsman will create drywall plans (inclusive of personlized drywall addition blueprints) that will be perfect for needs.

When working on a drywall project, it is mandatory that you have a great drywall addition contractor. Rest assured that the staff at Drywall Glendale is made up of highly qualified contractors, who are well grounded in this field. That's right, we have many drywall contractors to serve your needs. We also have affordable drywall prices, and we will offer you a real life drywall estimate for each area of our work. Additionally, we follow a drywall construction schedule that we do not deviate from; therefore, when we say we that the project will be completed at a particular time, it will be completed at that exact time.

In regards to drywall installation, we specialize in drywall remodel work, drywall replacement, hanging drywall work, drywall plastering, drywall finishing, drywall ceiling work, drywall lift, drywall texture, drywall remove and recycle, and drywall corners. We also do other things that are not drywall, but are related.

Two other areas that we work in besides drywall service are: wall plastering service and wall covering services, and we have a stucco contractor  on staff for both of these areas. Drywall plastering service in general, is an easy step for a drywall company to take when developing skills. As a wall plastering company we are the best in Glendale. As it relates to price and quality, we are even ahead of the wall plastering companies that only offer plastering services. We repair plaster walls and plaster ceilings mostly. Repairing plaster walls is as natural as drywall repair to us, so call us if you are ever in need of this service. For your wall plastering services, remember to call Drywall Glendale.

The same holds true for wall covering. Let us be your wall covering company too. We have you covered if you need help with:

  •     interior wall coverings
  •     wall paper wall coverings
  •     fabric wall coverings
  •     vinyl wall coverings
  •     wood wall coverings
  •     brick wall coverings

Drywall Glendale is the place for commercial or residential drywall, wall covering or wall plastering. We are known for our big jobs, but we also do smaller ones that deal with just repairs. These repairs include: sheetrock that has water damage, and ceiling, wall and patch repairs. Finishing drywall is a service we will do as well, if you have incomplete work at your home. It doesn't matter to us who started it, we will finish it for you. Among the services that we offer our clients are removal services. Mold drywall removal and popcorn ceiling removal are included in the removal services offered by us.

We primarily offer home drywall service here at Drywall Glendale; however, we specialize in other services as well. We will create the best house drywall plans, remodels & additions, for any drywall project that you have. We arethe reputable drywall planning and home remodel company that has home drywall addition blueprints to suit you. Rather than settling for inferior work from other companies, call Drywall Glendale today.

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Our work is always tailored to the requirements of each client

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