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Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Glendale Outdoor Heating Custom-Built

From propane to gas to wood, get free estimates on a variety of outdoor fireplaces and fire pits for outdoors.

Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Outdoor Fire Pit In Glendale

There’s a special feeling that only crackling fires under an open sky can give you. If you’re looking for outdoor fireplace ideas, this page will help you get started! Outdoor heating systems, like radiator columns and patio fireplaces, make a garden or deck more inviting. Adding an outdoor heating feature like a fire pit to your Glendale property lets you go camping right outside your house. You can enjoy toasting marshmallows and spit-roasted or barbecued meals. Installing a proper fire pit or getting an outdoor gas fireplace built takes some careful planning, but the dividends these features pay will speak for themselves.

Why Bother With Outdoor Heating?

The snarky answer would be “to keep warm when you’re outdoors,” but there’s really more to it than that. Proper outdoor heating lets you create comfortable sitting or working temperatures without ruining the look and feel of your property. Wood fire pits built into the landscape and patio fireplaces with well-chosen aesthetic add almost as much decorative value as they do utility. You can also consider fire pit tables, as well as other advanced features also let you try exotic outdoor cooking styles or familiar ones! Improving the deck or patio of your Glendale backyard with outdoor heating features offers aesthetic appeal too. You can really improve the landscape design this way.

Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces, And Cooking

So, about this outdoor cooking! Most types of fire pits and outdoor fireplaces can be good for roasting marshmallows, but with a little more work you can have a full-on outdoor kitchen. For the more classic flavor, you can install a dug-out wood fire pit, or put in a movable one. The advantage of a wood fire pit lies in the mobility of them, which means they work well for fire pit tables with counter space around them. Grill holders built into the pit will let you barbecue, boil, or fry as you please, and with a hooded unit, you can even bake! If you’re making an immovable pit, and you don’t want to deal with the weight and moisture issues of wood, try a propane fire pit. Natural gas presents its own challenges, but also its own rewards.

Outdoor Gas Fireplaces And Propane Fire Pits

Patio fireplaces and cooking or heating fire pits gain a lot of benefits from running on natural gas. For one thing, a propane fire pit doesn’t need you to chop or carry wood to fuel it. For another, the fire’s size and intensity are always under your control, perfect for patio fireplaces. The dry, steady warmth coming from a propane fire is good for consistent outdoor heating, without the unpredictable flickering, smoke, or moisture of wood. That said, an outdoor gas fireplace or pit needs an attached fuel supply or pipeline. Professional contractors like our team in Glendale can help design a system that’s safe from leaks or breaches, and which doesn’t create visual clutter. Propane fire pits are a little more expensive and take more work to install, but the investment pays off!

Free Estimates For Glendale Outdoor Heating

Our team has been at the landscaping game for a long time. That means we’ve had experience with every type of outdoor heating or cooking feature you can think of. You don’t need to pay a cent before asking our experts to have a look at your Glendale property and give advice, options, and estimates. If you’re thinking about an outdoor gas fireplace or pit, our contractors will fill you in on gas safety and containment solutions. Patio fireplaces, cooking fire pit tables, whatever you’re thinking of – give us a call and find out what we can do! Outdoor heating adds a lot of utility and aesthetic value to your backyard (or front). So start by booking your free estimate on outdoor fireplaces, firepit tables, or any other heating feature for outdoors!


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