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Should I invest in a laminate countertop?

Most folks go for granite and slate options, but laminate countertops are another great pick for homeowners who wish to combine the visual and practical features of this material. Apart from being very attractive in design, laminate countertops are budget-friendly and provide longevity and durability which is hardly surpassed. These qualities, combined with low maintenance needs make laminate a solid choice for your kitchen countertop.

What flooring material should I select for my kitchen remodeling work?

There is a wide variety of different flooring options available on the market, including hardwood floors, laminate, cork, and linoleum. All of these come with a different feel, look, and features and you want to consider those in detail when designing a kitchen. Not to mention there is cost, upkeep, durability, and other considerations you should keep in mind when choosing your kitchen flooring.

How do I remodel my shower to become 'senior friendly'?

More accidents occur in the bathroom than in any other room in the house. It is only reasonable to make your shower age friendly to prevent injuries. Consider installing grab bars which fit into your existing design or going for a curbless shower to allow for easier entry and exit.

What are some popular trends in home remodeling?

Popular trends include open floor plans, energy-efficient upgrades, smart home technology integration, and sustainable materials.

What steps can I take to prepare my home for remodeling?

Clear the work area of personal items, create a temporary living space if needed, and discuss any specific preparations with your contractor. Communication is key to a smooth process.


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