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How To Handle Wet Drywall Panels


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How To Handle Wet Drywall Panels

Wet Drywall Panels | Drywall Repair & Remodeling Glendale, CA

Water damage can be a nightmare for homeowners. Apart from a messy and time consuming clean-up, there is often a lot of repair work to be done afterwards. If you're lucky, these repairs will be minimal, but sometimes the damage can be so severe that fixing it won't be an option and the affected area will need to be replaced.

  • Why Does It Happen?

    Wet, waterlogged drywall is a recipe for disaster. The leading cause for this type of problem is often due to leaky pipes, but sometimes it can be the result of roof tiles being moved during a storm, which opens the door for rainwater to get through. Whatever the cause, you have a number of options to get your property back to its warm, dry and cozy state.
  • Identify The Source

    If you have wet drywall anywhere inside your home, your first step is to locate the source of the moisture. Obviously, if your local area has been hit by storms recently, the first place you need to check is the roof. If storms aren't the issue then you may not have any other alternative but to remove the affected section and see if there is a leaky or burst water pipe behind it. Locating and repairing the water leak is your top priority. There is absolutely no point in replacing the damaged drywall if the leaking continues and the new panels will be damaged as well.
  • Evaluate The Extent Of The Damage

    Gypsum boards are generally quite sturdy and a little bit of moisture will not cause too many problems as this material can dry relatively quickly. However, the extent of the damage has as much to do with the volume of water the gypsum board has been exposed to as it does with the length of time it has been left wet. Speed is crucial when dealing with wet drywall panels. If you are not sure you can properly ascertain the extent of the damage yourself or if you don't know how to find the source of the problem, our experts can help you.
  • Always Act Quickly

    Once you detected the presence of moisture and found and dealt with the source of the damage, you need to act fast. Prolonged exposure to water can cause irreparable damage to the drywall panels. The other issue you may face is the smell of mold and stagnant water. If your drywall sheets are beyond repair you can have them replaced quite easily, but make sure the structure behind the damaged panels is completely treated and dried before you cover it up again.

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