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Drywall repair and remodeling are two areas we specialize in, but there are a lot of other projects that our team can help you with. Take a look at our professional tips below to learn how to prevent your property from degrading needlessly.

Act fast in cases of water damage

There are several classes and categories of water damage, but even the lowest category can easily turn into category 2 or 3 if it goes unresolved for too long. Fast water removal will not only prevent this from happening, but will also prevent mold and bacteria growth. Everything must be completely dried out before you move on to cleaning and restoration. Our advice: hire professionals because they have both the knowledge and experience to successfully deal with this type of situation.

Consider adding a window in your bathroom

Even the best ventilation system in the world can't beat mother nature. By installing a window in your shower, you will benefit from a clean, mold-free, airy bathroom. When you feel the moisture levels are too high, open up the window and your door to let the air out. Your contractor is most likely to suggest a window with a tilted sill so that the water slides down and a frosted glass for privacy.

Prevent bathroom moisture from building up

Unsurprisingly, bathrooms are wet. It will be impossible to keep all the water out of the area, but there are certain preventative steps you can take to stop the continuous forming along the walls and other surfaces. The most effective methods include installation of bathroom fans, ceiling heaters, backsplashes, tile surrounds, and waterproof shower curtains. These should drastically minimize the formation of water on the paint finishes and ceiling.

Have a moldy drywall replaced as soon as possible

You should replace your drywall as soon as it starts developing visible mold growth. In order to prevent spreading of the mold around your house, hire a trained professional who knows how to safely remove and install a new drywall. The last thing you want to do is create an unsafe environment for you and your family by mishandling a mold problem.


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